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NOU! WordStat 2022 is here

WotrdStat 2022


  • Highly optimized topic modeling with factor analysis

New multithreaded factor analysis routine is up to 65 times faster than prior versions. It means that large problems that would have taken an hour to compute can now be obtained in less than a minute.  We were also able to increase the factor analysis capacity to 10,000 words (from 3,000 in version 9). 

  • Improved suggestions on the Frequencies page in any language

A new Associated section on the Suggestions panel will now retrieve from the text corpus other words semantically, syntactically, and statistically related to the selected word(s) in the frequency table.  This new feature works in any language even for those without a thesaurus.

  • New suggestions tab for the phrase extraction routine.

The Overlap panel has been replaced with a Suggestions panel, displaying phrases semantically, syntactically, or statistically related to the selected row(s) in the phrase frequency table, in addition to the overlapping phrases. This feature is also language independent.

  • Better Names Entities results. A new panel to display related named entities

A new Related panel has been added to the Named Entity Recognition page. Selecting, a single named entity will bring related named entities, as well as those belonging to the same class (people, place, organization, etc.).

  • Highlighting of contextual words in keyword-in-context tables.

When assessing words in a categorization dictionary or candidate for such an inclusion       one often needs to look at the presence of additional keywords in the context of appearance of a target word or phrase.  A new highlighting feature allows one to specify a list of words and phrases to look for in the surrounding context of the word.               

  • Modulate Correspondence Plot. Filtering items in Correspondence Plots on frequency or distance from the origin.

Correspondence plot of more than a few hundred items may create a dark mass of overlapping items at the center of the plot (the origin).  A new slider control has been added to hide items that are either less frequent or close to this origin. 

  • Multi-selection of items in suggestion panels.

The new version of WordStat now supports multiple selection of items in suggestions panels.  Multiple selections can be achieved either by using SHIFT key to select a range of items, the CTRL key to select disjunct items or by dragging the mouse over successive items in the list of suggestions.  A new Check Selected Items command in the contextual menu may then be used to check the box of all selected items.

  • Improved keyword retrieval.

Results of a keyword search are now sorted in descending order of relevance, taking into consideration both the frequency and variety of matched items in relationship with the length of the retrieved text segment.  A new frequency column can also be used to sort on frequencies only.


You can download a 14-day trial of WordStat 2022 from the Provalis Research website at:

If a customer purchased a one-year or three-year subscription of WordStat 9 after March 1st, 2022, she/he can upgrade for free to WordStat 2022 using this link:

To upgrade you do not need to uninstall the older version of WordStat.  Simply install it over your current version.  You will be asked to provide your activation number and your current password. You will then be asked to choose a new password.  If you install it on a new computer, make sure you deactivate the prior installation on the old computer and make sure you have your WordStat9.lic or WordStat.lic license file at hand.