June 13, 2017

Stata 16

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Informații din pagina producătorului (https://www.stata.com/why-use-stata/):

Stata is a complete, integrated software package that offers you everything you need for data analysis: data manipulation, visualization, statistical analysis and automated reporting.

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Master your data

Stata’s data management features give you complete control.

  • Import, export
  • Sort, match, merge, join, append, create
  • Built-in spreadsheet
  • Unicode
  • Process text or binary data
  • Access data locally or on the web
  • Collect statistics across groups
  • BLOBs—strings that can hold entire documents
  • Billions of observations
  • Hundreds of thousands of variables
  • Survival data, panel data, multilevel data, survey data, multiple-imputation data, categorical data, time-series data

Explore all of Stata’s features

Publication-quality graphics:



Stata makes it easy to generate publication-quality, distinctly styled graphs.

You can point and click to create a custom graph. Or you can write scripts to produce hundreds or thousands of graphs in a reproducible manner. Export graphs to EPS or TIFF for publication, to PNG or SVG for the web, or to PDF for viewing. With the integrated Graph Editor, you click to change anything about your graph or to add titles, notes, lines, arrows, and text.

Automated Reporting

All the tools you need to automate reporting your results.

  • Dynamic Markdown documents
  • Create Word documents
  • Create PDF documents
  • Create Excel files
  • Schemes for graphics
  • Word, HTML, PDF, SVG, PNG

Truly reproducible research

Lots of folks talk about reproducible research.
Stata has been dedicated to it for over 30 years.

We constantly add new features; we have even fundamentally changed language elements. No matter. Stata is the only statistical package with integrated versioning. If you wrote a script to perform an analysis in 1985, that same script will still run and still produce the same results today. Any dataset you created in 1985, you can read today. And the same will be true in 2050. Stata will be able to run anything you do today.

We take reproducibility seriously.

Python integration

Invoke Python interactively or embed Python in your Stata code.

Seamlessly pass data and results between Stata and Python.

Use any Python package within Stata

  • Matplotlib and seaborn for visualization
  • Beautiful Soup and Scrapy for web scraping
  • NumPy and pandas for numerical analysis
  • TensorFlow and scikit-learn for machine learning
  • And much more

Real documentation


When it comes time to perform your analyses or understand the methods you are using, Stata does not leave you high and dry or ordering books to learn every detail.

Each of our data management features is fully explained and documented and shown in practice on real examples. Each estimator is fully documented and includes several examples on real data, with real discussions of how to interpret the results. The examples give you the data so you can work along in Stata and even extend the analyses. We give you a Quick start for every feature, showing some of the most common uses. Want even more detail? Our Methods and formulas sections provide the specifics of what is being computed, and our References point you to even more information.

Stata is a big package and so has lots of documentation – over 15,000 pages in 31 volumes. But don’t worry, type help my topic, and Stata will search its keywords, indexes, and even community-contributed packages to bring you everything you need to know about your topic. Everything is available right within Stata.


We don’t just program statistical methods, we validate them.

The results you see from a Stata estimator rest on comparisons with other estimators, Monte Carlo simulations of consistency and coverage, and extensive testing by our statisticians. Every Stata we ship has passed a certification suite that includes 3.2 million lines of testing code that produces 4.9 million lines of output. We certify every number and piece of text from those 4.9 million lines of output.

Easy to use

All of Stata’s features can be accessed through menus, dialogs, control panels, a Data Editor, a Variables Manager, a Graph Editor, and even an SEM Diagram Builder. You can point and click your way through any analysis.

If you don’t want to write commands and scripts, you don’t have to.

Even when you are pointing and clicking, you can record all your results and later include them in reports. You can even save the commands created by your actions and reproduce your complete analysis later.

SEM Builder screenshotSEM Builder screenshot

Easy to grow with

Stata’s commands for performing tasks are intuitive and easy to learn. Even better, everything you learn about performing a task can be applied to other tasks. For example, you simply add if gender==”female” to any command to limit your analysis to females in your sample. You simply add vce(robust) to any estimator to obtain standard errors and hypothesis tests that are robust to many common assumptions.

The consistency goes even deeper. What you learn about data management commands often applies to estimation commands, and vice-versa. There is also a full suite of post-estimation commands to perform hypothesis tests, form linear and nonlinear combinations, make predictions, form contrasts, and even perform marginal analysis with interaction plots. These commands work the same way after virtually every estimator.

Sequencing commands to read and clean data, then to perform statistical tests and estimation, and finally to report results is at the heart of reproducible research. Stata makes this process accessible to all researchers.

Easy to automate

Everyone has tasks that they do all the time—create a particular kind of variable, produce a particular table, perform a sequence of statistical steps, compute an RMSE, etc. The possibilities are endless. Stata has thousands of built-in procedures, but you may have tasks that are relatively unique or that you want done in a specific way.

If you have written a script to perform your task on a given dataset, it is easy to transform that script into something that can be used on all of your datasets, on any set of variables, and on any set of observations.

See how easy automation is in Stata »

Easy to extend

Some of the things you automate may be so useful that you want to share them with colleagues or even make them available to all Stata users. That’s also easy. With just a little code, you can turn an automation script into a Stata command. A command that supports standard features that Stata’s official commands support. A command that can be used in the same way official commands are used.

Advanced programming

Stata also includes an advanced programming language—Mata.

Mata has the structures, pointers, and classes that you expect in your programming language and adds direct support for matrix programming.

Though you don’t need to program to use Stata, it is comforting to know that a fast and complete programming language is an integral part of Stata. Mata is both an interactive environment for manipulating matrices and a full development environment that can produce compiled and optimized code. It includes special features for processing panel data, performs operations on real or complex matrices, provides complete support for object-oriented programming, and is fully integrated with every aspect of Stata.

Stata also has comprehensive Python integration, allowing you to harness all the power of Python directly from your Stata code.

Stata even let’s you incorporate C, C++, and Java plugins in your Stata programs via a native API for each language.

Community-contributed features

Stata is so programmable that developers and users add new features every day to respond to the growing demands of today’s researchers.

With Stata’s Internet capabilities, new features and official updates can be installed over the Internet with a single click.

World-class technical support

Stata technical support is free to registered users of the current release (Stata 16), which means you get much more than you pay for.

We have a dedicated staff of expert Stata programmers and statisticians to answer your technical questions. From tricky data management solutions to getting your graph looking just right and from explaining a robust standard error to specifying your multilevel model, we have your answers.

Cross-platform compatible

Stata will run on Windows, Mac, and Linux/Unix computers; however, our licenses are not platform specific.

That means if you have a Mac laptop and a Windows desktop, you don’t need two separate licenses to run Stata. You can install your Stata license on any of the supported platforms. Stata datasets, programs, and other data can be shared across platforms without translation. You can also quickly and easily import datasets from other statistical packages, spreadsheets, and databases.

Widely used

Used by researchers for more than 30 years, Stata provides everything you need for data science—data manipulation, visualization, statistics, and automated reporting. 

Select your discipline and see how Stata can work for you.

Behavioral sciences



Data science





Finance, business, and marketing

Institutional research



Political science

Public health


Public policy


Can’t find your discipline? See who else is using Stata »

Stata is distributed in more than 180 countries. Our authorized distributors offer services such as basic technical support and training, and carry Stata inventory so delivery is fast.

Comprehensive resources

Video tutorials

Stata’s YouTube channel is the perfect resource for new users to Stata, users wanting to learn a new feature in Stata, and professors looking for aids in teaching with Stata. We have over 250 videos on our YouTube channel that have been viewed over 4 million times by Stata users wanting to learn how to label variables, merge datasets, create scatterplots, fit regression models, work with time-series or panel data, fit multilevel models, analyze survival data, perform Bayesian analylsis, and use many other features of Stata. View the complete list of videos.

Stata Blog

StataCorp writes the official Stata Blog, Not Elsewhere Classified (NEC), to share things we think you will find instructive, informative, or just plain entertaining. We have written about how to interpret statistical results; export results into Word, Excel, and LaTeX; perform Monte Carlo simulations; program your own estimators; and more. We also post service and product announcements. Individually signed, the articles in NEC are written by the same people who develop and support Stata.

Free Stata webinars

Stata webinars offer something for everyone. Those new to Stata will get a head start when they join our Ready. Set. Go Stata webinar. Both new and experienced users will want to join our one-hour feature webinars; each one provides an in-depth look at one of Stata’s statistical, graphical, data management, or reporting features.

View the current webinar offerings »


A multitude of training options are available to become proficient at Stata quickly. Stata provides hands-on classroom and web-based training courses, customized on-site training courses, and online training through NetCourses, webinars, and video tutorials.

View available trainings »

Stata Press

Stata Press® publishes books, manuals, and journals about Stata and general statistics topics for professional researchers of all disciplines. Stata Press® publications, along with books recommended by StataCorp, can be found in the Stata Bookstore.

Visit the Stata Bookstore »

Stata News

The Stata News is a free publication with columns such as the popular In the Spotlight, where Stata developers give insight into specific Stata features, and the User’s corner, where we share unique, helpful, and fun contributions from the user community. The News also contains announcements such as new releases and updates, training schedules, new books, Conferences, and Users Group meetings.

Stata Journal

The Stata Journal is a quarterly publication containing articles about statistics, data analysis, teaching methods, and effective use of Stata’s language. The Journal publishes reviewed papers together with shorter notes and comments, regular columns, book reviews, and other materials of interest to researchers applying statistics in a variety of disciplines.

Vibrant community

Stata Conference and Users Group meetings

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find something just for you at the Users Group meetings, which are held each year in various locations around the world. These meetings showcase in-depth presentations from StataCorp experts and experienced Stata users that focus on helping you use Stata more effectively.


A great resource for users is Statalist, a forum where more than 30,000 Stata users exchange over 4,500 postings and responses each month. Statalist is run and moderated by Stata users and maintained by StataCorp.

Our users love to share how great Stata is, so we’d like to show you! When we receive nice comments about Stata, we post them here. If you think Stata is great too, send us an email with your comment, and we may share it with the Stata community.


Stata is not sold in modules, which means you get everything in one package!

Stata offers several purchase options to fit your budget. You can choose an annual license to ensure you always have access to the latest features, or you can choose a perpetual license. Contact a sales representative or browse our products to find out more about our affordable options

Stata Campus GradPlanTM  – Romania

Începând din luna aprilie 2018, un număr de cinci universități din România au fost incluse în lista (foarte scurtă) a țărilor dinafara SUA în care se aplică licențierea tip ”Stata Campus GradPlan”:

  • Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza Iași
  • Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai Cluj-Napoca
  • ASE București
  • Universitatea București
  • Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara

Prețurile sunt excelente și aplicabile facultăților și personalului afiliat.

Important: GradPlan se aplică și la upgrades, la fel, prețurile fiind semnificativ mai mici față de licențierea de tip educațional „clasică”.

Rugăm mail pentru cotații de preț!

Informații: https://www.stata.com/order/gradplan-sites/#romania

FLYER GradPlan16

Stata Campus GradPlanTM sites – Romania

  • Alexandru Ioan Cuza University
  • Babes-Bolyai University
  • Bucharest University of Economic Studies
  • West University of Timisoara
  • University of Bucharest
Comenzi si informatii la: statasales[at]token.com.ro

IC, SE, MP_2

Stata 16 soseste in mai multe variante, SE, IC sau MP. Diferenta intre acestea sta in volumul de date procesat. Pentru cresterea vitezei de lucru si utilizarea procesoarelor moderne cu arhitecturi multicore, Stata 16 vine cu variantele MP (multi-procesor) pentru procesoare cu 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 de nuclee.

IMPORTANT! Inca de la versiunea 15, pretul pentru MP a scazut continuu, astfel aceasta optiune devenind foarte atractiva si accesibila! Aceasta politica continua cu Stata 16.

Detalii asupra puterii de procesare si realului castig in utilizarea MP AICI.

Tipuri de Stata si caracteristici – verificati in tabelul de aici:

Platforme / Sisteme de operare copatibile:

Stata pentru Windows®

  • Windows 10 *
  • Windows 8 *
  • Windows 7 *
  • Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003 *

ATNETIE! Incepand cu versiunea 16, Stata ofera suport doar pentru sisteme de operare pe 64-bits

Verifică aici dacă sistemul este compatibil 64-bit.

Stata pentru Mac®

  • Stata pentru macOS necesită procesoare 64-bit Intel® (Core™2 Duo sau peste) sub MacOS 10.11 sau mai nou

Vezi aici dacă sistemul tau MacOS este compatibil.

Stata pentru Linux

  • Orice sistem pe 64-bit (x86-64 sau compatibil) sau 32-bit (x86 sau compatibil) care rulează Linux
  • Pentry xstata este necesară instalarea GTK 2.24 sau peste

Necesar hardware / Hardware requirements:

Package Memory Disk space
Stata/MP 4 GB 1 GB
Stata/SE 2 GB 1 GB
Stata/IC 1 GB 1 GB
    Obs. Stata pentru Unix necesită o placă video capabilă să afișeze mii de culori sau peste (16-bit sau 24-bit color)


Pentru cadre didactice si personal stiintific afiliat!

Daca sunteti cadru al unei universitati, angajat sau afiliat, puteti beneficia de licentierea Stata de tip “EDU”, la fel ca si institutiile acreditate. Principalul avantaj este pretul Acesta este un mare avantaj si un excelent ajutor acordat de catre Stata universitatilor si universitarilor din intreaga lume. Pentru informatii suplimentare va rugam contactati-ne folosind adresa de e-mail sau formularul de contact de mai jos!

Doriti dotarea unui laborator de statistica?

Stata ofera universitatilor licentierea de tip StudentLab dedicata studiului statisticii la ora de curs si seminar. Licentierea minima este pentru minimum 10 utilizatori, putand fi adaugati oricati utilizatori suplimentari ulterior, costurile fiind extrem de avantajoase!


  • Pentru utilizatori simultani: Licența Student Lab se poate instala pe un server, sau pe calculatoarele dintr-un  laborator dedicat. O configurație de tip „virtual-lab” este acceptabilă.
  • Pentru număr fix de utilizatori:  Licența Student Lab poate fi instalată pe calculatoare individuale (desktop și/sau laptop).

Licențierea de tip StudentLab este disponibilă doar sub forma de licențe anuale!

IMPORTANT: Deținătorii de licențe perpetue, eliberate anterior, vor putea în continuare să solicite upgrade pentru acestea. O licență Student Lab deja achiziționată va fi ținută de prevederile de licențiere valabile la data achiziției. ATENȚIE: licențele perpetuepot fi instalate doar pe server, pt utilizare simultană pe maximum de stații contractate!


Esti student – indiferent de nivel – si ai nevoie de un soft statistic pentru studiu? Avem o veste excelenta! Stata ofera o licentiere speciala de tip “student” studentilor interesati, toate variantele, la preturi imbatabile. Licentierea poate fi pe un semestru, anuala sau perpetua. Trebuie doar sa ai carnetul vizat sau o adeverinta de la facultate. Scrie-ne pe mail sau folosiți formularul de mai jos!

Important de știut la achiziție

Politica de preturi pe care o practicam este foarte flexibila si trebuie retinut faptul ca fiecare noua achizitie beneficiaza de un discount de volum, progresiv cu numarul de licente achizitionate, incepand chiar de la a doua licenta! Indiferent daca achizitionati mai multe licente individuale, sau mai multi utilizatori de tip network, discountul de volum este aplicabil! Daca se doreste achizitionarea de mai multe licente, acestea pot fi combinate, pentru a acoperi cat mai bine necesarul Dvs.

Licentierea Stata standard este de trei feluri:

  • Anuala – licentierea anuala va asigura ca intotdeauna aveti la dispozitie ultimele caracteristici
  • Multi-anuala (la achizitie clientul poate opta pentru 1, 2 sau 3 ani)
  • “Pe viata” (perpetual license) – aceasta inseamna ca odata achizitionata, licenta pentru acea varianta de Stata nu expira. Trebuie insa retinut ca Stata ofera suport doar pentru versiunea curenta!


Costul unui an de mentenanta este cuprins in pretul primului an achizitionat pentru toate tipurile de licentiere perpetua, cu exceptia licentierii tip “student”. Exista si posibilitatea achizitiei de mentenanta pentru doi ani.

Menenanta va permite sa platiti o taxa anuala pentru a primi urmatoarea versiune Stata fara a plati nimic in plus (cost upgrade zero), costul optiunii fiind adaugat pretului standard.

Cum achizitionez?

Simplu! Contactati-ne prin e-mail pentru o cotatie de pret si o oferta adaptata la nevoile Dvs. Cand v-ati decis, este suficient sa ne inaintati o comanda prin e-mail si livrarea se face in cel mai scurt timp.

Revanzare? Firmele care doresc sa revanda Stata in Romania sau in alte tari, pe baza de comanda din parte unor clienti, sunt invitate sa solicite informatii.

IMPORTANT! Fiecare achizitie a unei licente Stata este conditionata de acceptarea licentei end-user EULA (End-User License Agreement). Documentul este disponibil aici (PDF, doar limba engleza). Acest acord intervine direct si exclusiv intre cumparator si StataCorp LLC. Token Communication nu incheie alte intelegeri, nu livram alte documente si nu preluam responsabilitatea Stata sau a unor terti in privinta licentelor sau a produslui software. Interfata este in limba enngleza, la fel si documentatia. Deocamdată nu există disponibile traduceri în limba română sau în altă limbă, pentru niciuna dintre acestea.
Vă mulțumim!

Alege Stata pentru performanta si siguranta maxima in analiza datelor.

Stata va este oferit cu un set atotcuprinzator de documentatie completa, extins odata cu versiunea curenta la un numar impresionant de peste 15.000 de pagini (31 de volume) cu explicatii si exemple, metode, formule si referinte bibliografice. Documentatia este livrata pe fiecare DVD de instalare sau in varianta download intr-un format electronic optimizat (PDF) pentru usurinta navigarii si cautarii.

Informatii despre documentatia completa Stata AICI

UTIL researchers: Stata for reproducible research

Enrique Pinzon, Associate Director Econometrics @ Stata Blog: I care about reproducible research. Anyone who has ever been a research assistant or tried to follow the path set by other researchers also cares. Sometimes, reproducing others’ results is a frustrating task; sometimes, it is outright impossible. Yet sometimes, it is satisfyingly simple. In my experience, Read more about UTIL researchers: Stata for reproducible research[…]

UTIL: STATA CheatSheets

Aici găsiți cele mai utile rezumate ale funcționalităților Stata pentru descărcat, printat și referință rapidă:   Click to access statacheatsheets.pdf  

Resurse COVID-19 de la Stata

Stata a creat o pagină specială cu reurse pentru adresarea pandemiei COVID-19.  Pagina poate fi accesată AICI Ce puteți găsi: situația la zi lucrări științifice produse de utilizatorii Stata de pe întreg mapamondul pentru studiul pandemiei metode de vizualizare și grafice resursele de pe Stata Blog pentru accesarea datelor cu evoluția pandemiei și reprezentarea grafică Read more about Resurse COVID-19 de la Stata[…]

Stata Blog: Import COVID-19 data from Johns Hopkins University

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Dear Stata family, For the last several weeks, StataCorp has been monitoring and adapting to how COVID-19 is impacting our users and their communities around the globe. We are concerned for the health and safety of our customers and our associates alike, and we want to do our part to support healthy communities, wherever they Read more about STATA USERS – COVID-19 OUTBREAK[…]

Stata Community corner: Graph Workflow

Your data tell a story, and data visualization helps you communicate your story clearly and efficiently. If you’re looking for a structured approach to creating high-impact Stata graphs for scientific work, check out the Graph Workflow website, created by Demetris Christodoulou. The Graph Workflow model introduced here is a systematic approach to data visualization. It teaches you Read more about Stata Community corner: Graph Workflow[…]

STATA Blog: Bayesian inference using multiple Markov chains

Bayesian models have a lot to offer researchers, but the core computational tool of these models—Markov chain Monte Carlo—can be slow and is susceptible to nonconvergence. And when the Markov chain does not converge, you do not want to rely on the results for inference. Want a formal diagnostic for Markov chain convergence? Want to Read more about STATA Blog: Bayesian inference using multiple Markov chains[…]

STATA 16.1 – free update for all Stata 16 users

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Stata Bookstore: Introduction to Time Series Using Stata, Revised Edition by Sean Becketti

Book Highlights: Clear, intuition-based explanations of time-series concepts and methods Introductions to simple and complex time-series and forecasting techniques, from smoothing and ARIMA to VARs and VECs Illustrations of time-series analyses using real-world data Worked examples that demonstrate how to implement analyses in Stata Practical advice from an author with decades of experience analyzing time-series Read more about Stata Bookstore: Introduction to Time Series Using Stata, Revised Edition by Sean Becketti[…]

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