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Software analitic si statistic


Software avansat de text mining si analiza de continut cu abilitati de analiza si manipulare fara precedent.

WordStat with Stata

Modul de analiza de continut si text-mining care vine sa completeze softul de analiza statistica Stata.

QDA Miner 5

Considerat de multi ca fiind singurul produs de pe piata care reuneste cu adevarat metodele calitative de analiza a datelor


Analiza statistica cu facilitati de prezentare a rezultatelor usor de folosit.

QDA Miner Reader

Freeware - QDA Miner files reader.


Pachetul complet format din QDA Miner, WordStat si SimStat.

WordStat for STATA - analiza de continut si text mining pentru Stata

Stata is a complete, integrated statistical software package created by StataCorp LP (www.stata.com). It provides a wide range of statistical analysis, data management, and graphics. Released in June 2013, version 13 added many new features, including a long string data type allowing one to store along with numerical and categorical data, documents up to 2 billion characters. One could thus create a statistical database with journal abstracts, news transcripts, patents, incident reports, customer feedbacks, interviews and so on.
WordStat for Stata was created to allow Stata 13 and Stata 14 users running under Windows, to apply text analytics techniques on any string variables stored in a Stata data file. WordStat combines natural language processing, content analysis and statistical techniques to quickly extract topics, patterns and relationships in large amount of text. It can process millions of words in seconds and compare extracted themes across any other numerical, categorical or date variables in the Stata file.
WordStat for Stata este un produs al Provalis research dedicat utilizatorilor de Stata. Toate informatiile legate de WordStat for Stata le gasiti aici:
A aparut WordStata for Stata.

WordStat - software pentru analiza text

WordStat is a flexible and easy-to-use text analysis software – whether you need text mining tools for fast extraction of themes and trends, or careful and precise measurement with state-of-the-art quantitative content analysis tools. WordStat‘s seamless integration with SimStat – our statistical data analysis tool – QDA Miner – our qualitative data analysis software – and Stata - the comprensive statistical software from StataCorp, gives you unprecedented flexibility for analyzing text and relating its content to structured information, including numerical and categorical data.
What it is used for?
WordStat can be used by anyone who needs to quickly extract and analyze information from large amounts of documents. Our content analysis and text mining software is used for:

• Content analysis of open-ended responses, interview or focus group transcripts
• Business intelligence and competitive web sites analysis
• Information extraction and knowledge discovery from incident reports, customer complaints
• Content analysis of news coverage or scientific literature
• Automatic tagging and classification of documents
• Fraud detection, authorship attribution, patent analysis
• Taxonomy development and validation

QDA Miner 5 - analiza calitativa a datelor

NEW in QDA 5: QDA Miner 5 is full of exciting new features and improvements. Here are some of the new applications that will help researchers and businesses keep abreast of the latest trends and give them faster access to the waves a new data being created every day. mai multe Version 5.0 gives you new ways to access and analyze unstructured data. You can easily import web surveys, social media, email providers and reference management tools. The new GIS mapping tool allows you to relate geographic information in unstructured data, create maps and other graphic displays to enrich your analysis and presentations.
QDA Miner is an easy-to-use qualitative data analysis software package for coding, annotating, retrieving and analyzing small and large collections of documents and images. QDA Miner qualitative data analysis tool may be used to analyze interview or focus group transcripts, legal documents, journal articles, speeches, even entire books, as well as drawings, photographs, paintings, and other types of visual documents. Its seamless integration with SimStat, a statistical data analysis tool, and WordStat, a quantitative content analysis and text mining module, gives you unprecedented flexibility for analyzing text and relating its content to structured information including numerical and categorical data.
Who uses QDA Miner?
QDA Miner qualitative data analysis software can be used by anyone who needs to code text or pictures, annotate, search, explore and extract information from small or large collections of documents and images, including:

• Researchers in social sciences, medicine, and psychology
• Sociologists, political scientists and ethnographers
• Business intelligence analysts, market researchers, pollsters, and CRM professionals
• Crime analysts, fraud detection experts, lawyers, and paralegal professionals
• Journalists, historians and research assistants
• Document management specialists and librarians

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QDA Miner Features

Hierarchical clustering

Un instrument explorator extrem de util pentru identificarea rapida a co-ocurentelor sau similaritatilor, bazat pe codificarea stereotipurilor.


Utile in explorarea tebelelor de frecventa incrucisate de dimensiuni foarte mari si identificarea tipurilor de distributii.

Image Coding

QDA Miner ofera si posibilitatea codificarii imaginilor! O caracteristica ce extinde abilitatile acestui software dincolo de limitarile impuse de text.

Coding Sequence Tool

Utila in gasirea recurentelor de cod si afisarea acestora intr-un mod foarte clar si evident.

WordStat Features

Tabele si Grafice Intuitive

Bar chart, pie charts, word clouds - toate sunt foarte usor de generat.

Correspondence Analisys

O tehnica exploratorie extrem de puternica, analiza corespondentelor identifica relatiile din diferitele cuvinte cheie si variabile atgorice sau ordinale.

Multidimensional Scaling Mpas

Utile in reprezentarea co-ocurentei cuvintelor cheie sau similaritatilor din documentele studiate.

Phrase Finder

Gasirea rapida a propozitiei sau secventei de cuvinte exacte intr-un text.

Alege WordStata for Stata, WordStat si QDA Miner pentru performante fara precedrnt in analiza calitativa a datelor si in analiza contextuala.